Colonial Park Fire Company serves our community with state of the art fire apparatus, equipped with data terminals, mapping software, and pre-incident planning information on many of our commercial occupancies.  The safety of our personnel, while responding to, and operating at the scene of an emergency is our top priority.  Our apparatus is designed to protect our staff while responding, and on our emergency scenes.  We ask that you respect our emergency signals by yielding the right of way to us while responding, and avoiding our scenes while we are located there.

Tower 33

Tower 33 was featured by its manufacturer, Seagrave during the FDIC 2021 Exposition in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Its innovative ladder tunnel design and other unique characteristics made if a popular display at this world renowned event.  Recently placed in service, Tower 33 is a 2020 Seagrave 95’ Aerialscope six person cab, 95 feet mid-mount boom with platform. It can perform with a 1,000 lb. tip load, with or without flowing water in any direction. It has short-jacking capabilities for tight alleys and dual 1,000 gallon per minute (GPM) master stream guns with smooth bore stack tips. Tower 33 carries 276 feet of ground and roof ladders. It is equipped with an external 6KW diesel generator powering two 200 feet electrical cord reels, and has two lights on the platform and electrical outlets. It carries a RIT SCBA pack, five saws including two K-12 rotary saws and three Cutters Edge roof vent saws. Tower 33 brings to the scene five positive pressure fans (two gas and three battery powered) and carries a full truck company hand tool compliment.

Engine 33

Engine 33 is a 2008 KME Predator LFD Engine with a six person cab. It is equipped with a Hale 1500 gallon per minute, single stage pump with a Hale CAFS-PRO 200 cubic feet per minute compressed air foam system (CAFS). E33 is pre-piped with seven CAFS discharges backed with 50 gallons of class “A” foam, and 750 gallons of water. E33 carries 1200 feet of 5” hose, and 400ft of 3” hose. Engine 33 has six pre-connected attack lines. It is equipped with an onboard 30 kW Harrison PTO generator in addition to a 15kW hydraulic generator which powers an Amkus combination tool, and other various stabilization equipment on board. Engine 33 carries a fifty feet ground ladder compliment, and both a Cutters Edge roof vent saw and a rotary saw.

Rescue 33

Rescue 33 is a 2017 KME Severe Service Wet Rescue, with a 6 Man Cab featuring multiple compartments within the cab for ultimate storage space. Rescue 33 has a 1500 gallon per Minute Single Stage Hale DSD Pump with a 400 Gallon water tank and a 30 Gallon class B Foam System. Rescue 33 hosts four pre-connected hose lines and 50 feet of ground ladders. Rescue 33 also has a six tool Amkus Ultimate System, a Harrison 15,000 watt hydraulic driven generator and two, 140 feet, utility air hose reels with a maximum 300 PSI working pressure. It also boasts two 200 feet electric cord reels, and a Will-Burt 2.3 light tower with 80,000 lumens of lighting. This rescue carries two Husqvarna rotary saws, a Cutters Edge chainsaw, and various stabilization tools and an extensive cache of technical rescue equipment.

Traffic 33

Traffic 33 is a custom made body, fabricated by Swab Wagon Company in 2008, and mounted on a Ford F-550 chassis.  It features an electronic sign board which can be raised from it’s horizontal storage position on the top of the truck body and a fully compliment of traffic control equipment.  It serves primarily as a traffic control unit and is staffed by our company’s fire police personnel.  

Squad 33

Squad 33 is a 2004 Ford F-450 with a rescue body.  It is equipped with a Amkus gas powered portable power unit, cutters, and spreaders, cribbing, and additional extrication equipment, as well as a compliment of 4 SCBA’s.  It can transport up to 5 response personnel and has a open truck bed to serve in a utility role on all incidents.

Duty Officer 33

This 2020 Chevrolet Tahoe is utilized by a rotating crew of company officers to respond to emergencies as called upon.  It is outfitted with a New Rockland Command box featuring a “Gear Clean” system to keep carcinogens vented to the outside of the vehicle.  This command box contains EMS gear, command and reference materials, and a SCBA.