Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to live in Colonial Park to volunteer as a Firefighter?

For most positions within the Colonial Park Fire Company you do not need to live within Colonial Park or Lower Paxton Township. The only positions that have a residency requirement of living within Lower Paxton Township is that of Chief and President.

Do I need to be trained and certified to volunteer?

We provide all required training to members free of charge. The Colonial Park Fire Company believes training is of up most importance and anyone wanting to be an active firefighter is strongly encouraged to be certified to the Firefighter II level; however, this is not a requirement to volunteer.

What kind of training is involved?

Our training program provides all the necessary training to safely and effectively function as part of a fire/rescue team. Typically within the first 18 months of membership, volunteers will complete our in house training course, outside training leading to state certification as Firefighter I, Hazardous Materials Operations, CPR/AED, First Aid, vehicle rescue, and a number of additional courses dealing with organization and structure of the emergency services. Both our in house and external required training is paid for by the fire company and is not a burden to our members.

Is the training physically demanding?

Yes. Make no mistake – firefighting is physically demanding and requires a level of physical conditioning that includes wearing heavy protective clothing, carrying loads, and operating in challenging environments. While our profession requires physical fitness, we do not expect our members to be ready to operate in a hazardous environment on their first day and provide a well-equipped gym and training advice to our members.

Do men and women have equal requirements for entry and training?

Yes. Our training is based upon the services we provide and the environment we operate in and follow both OSHA and National Fire Protection Association standards.

Does my prior fire/rescue training and experience count at Colonial Park?

Yes. We require proof of previous training. All members complete our in house training in order to ensure we are able to operate as a cohesive team when called upon to serve.

Are Colonial Park members directly paid or compensated?

No. The Colonial Park Fire Company is proudly an all-volunteer service. The fire company and Lower Paxton Township do provide a number of insurance policies, including workman’s compensation, to ensure our members are protected while performing their volunteer service. While our members are not compensated, the Colonial Park Fire Company does offer a tuition assistance program for active members taking college classes and an stipend program were members can earn credits to purchase company apparel, different types of equipment, and even participate in the Company cell phone plan.

Is the Colonial Park Fire Company all work and no play’?

Certainly not! We are a tight knit team and while we do have considerable training and service obligations, there are numerous opportunities to get together to enjoy each other’s company. We have an annual formal banquet, fire company picnics, attend sporting events (Hershey Bears and Harrisburg Senators), and a number of more informal opportunities to get together throughout the year. We are a family in every sense of the word.

What else does the Colonial Park Fire Company do?

We are an active fire company and while training and responding to fire and rescue calls comprise the bulk of our efforts, we also participate in a number of outreach and educational events. We routinely engage in events related fire education and safety programs in our schools, to a number of events held by other community organizations and businesses.

Does the Colonial Park Fire Company have a live-in (resident) program?

Yes. If you are a student at a local college with experience and fire service certifications then our live-in program may be for you. We currently have space available at our station and benefits include internet access, laundry, access to kitchen and lounges, use of our gym, and access to Planet Fitness.

How can I get more information?

Call 717-652-8378 or send an e-mail to

How do I join the Colonial Park Fire Company?

Click here to get to our Apply Now page. You can complete an application online or print and bring it to the station at 433 S. Houcks Road, Harrisburg, PA 17112. The best times to drop it off are Monday through Friday (except holidays), 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM and on Tuesday nights between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM.